Reevaluating the Art of Film Posters

Sometimes you can be surprised by what you get out of something. You may read a historical fiction book like Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter just for the ludicrousness of the premise but then, after further research, find out your learned a bit about the famous president, or you may put in a Chaplin film because you need a good laugh and then, when the credits roll, find yourself with a greater understanding about how hard some of the lower class has it. When I began my Best Picture Oscar marathon back in November, I never thought it would cause me reevaluate on of my former entries. Continue reading

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About NothingI’m not much of a Shakespeare person. I don’t dislike his writings and have even enjoyed the few bits of his work I’ve read, but I wasn’t over the moon when it was announced Joss Whedon was making his own version of Much Ado About Nothing, even though I am a big fan of Whedon’s work. The main reason I was going to see it was because it was a Whedon production and because my girlfriend was excited about it. I cannot only conclude, however, that what I saw a couple days ago is, dare I say, funnier, sadder, better acted, and superiorly directed than Kenneth Branagh’s 1993 version but is also, without a doubt, the most fun I had watching a film in a long time. Continue reading

And the Oscar Goes to…: It Happened One Night

NOTICE: I will now be providing video versions for all the entries in this series. Let me know what you think of it and if you want me to go back and make video versions of the other entries. WARNING, video version may contain more spoilers. The video version of the review can be found here:

It Happened One NightAs I looked through the list of Best Picture winners after watching today’s film, I realized a lot of the winners that come to mind when people think of the award tend to be the hard-hitting dramas or the films with a message about society, life, death, war, etc. Today’s film doesn’t really fall under any of those categories. It doesn’t have a message, it isn’t dark, or edgy but is instead a light, funny, touching, and optimistic romantic comedy made in the midst of the Great Depression by the legendary director Frank Capra. Continue reading