The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men: The Halloween Tree

The Halloween TreeSooo, I wanted to make at least one Halloween related post this month. I wanted it to be a review of The Halloween Tree, I watched every year as a child but haven’t seen in many years. Due to some poor planning and not being able to watch the movie in time to get a review up by tonight, that’s not going to happen sadly. Continue reading

Carla Laemmle (104) recalls life in and around movies at Universal Studios – Los Angeles Times

A lovely little article about Carla Laemmle, 104 year-old niece of Universal Studios founder Carl Laemmle, and her life on the Universal lot.


This post has been getting a lot of traffic since Carla died on June 12th, 2014, I thought I’d put it front and center…for she burned bright and long.

Today Laemmle is a tiny woman with curly, white hair and bright dancing eyes. She welcomes her visitor with a warm hug. Her house, where she’s lived for some 60 years off of Melrose Avenue near Normandie Avenue, is decorated with several photos of her including one in which she is rather scantily clad.

“I have some pictures that I’m not able to hang up there,” she confided with a smile.

“Tell her the story about the nude pictures,” piped up Laemmle’s grand-niece, Rosemary Hilb, who is an organizer of the birthday party. “Carl Laemmle was so upset,” said Hilb. “He thought he had destroyed them, but she was able to keep a set.”

“Everybody said you have a beautiful body…

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