Edgar Wright Steps Down from Ant-Man


Ant-ManLast night, I was talking with some friends about some of the Marvel properties I was really looking forward to. One was The Guardians of the Galaxy (set for release this August) and the other was Ant-Man. I’m no different than many others in the fact that I’ve made fun of this character many times. Still, I was interested to see how Marvel would get such a silly superhero onto the screen in a workable way. My interest and curiosity only turned into genuine excitement over the past year or so when I heard about director and writer Edgar Wright’s ideas for the film. The tone and feel he wanted to instill into the project, an old fashioned Tales of Suspense type vibe, sounded awesome, different, and totally appropriate for the character. Well, now Wright is no more after Marvel and the Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World’s End (2013) director sited creative differences.

Wright’s attempts to get an Ant-Man film made have stretched back farther than even Iron Man (2008). So, it is surprising, to say the least, to see him leave the project. It also saddens and worries me. I’m hoping Marvel will at least still use Wright’s script and ideas. If it doesn’t, I’m afraid the film eventually released won’t reach the heights of fun and awesomeness it might’ve under Wright. I’ll still give the film a chance and hope for the best. It is unlikely Marvel will change its mind and ask Wright back. Therefore, all I can do is hope they don’t abandon all of Wright’s ideas and that the new director (and possibly writer) are able to capture the great potential of this property. Audiences deserve to see this character as more than just a joke. Here’s hoping the final movie, which is still set to be released in July 2015, gives them reason to look more highly upon the little superhero.


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