Quickie Reviews: Man on a Ledge


Man On A LedgeReleased: January 27, 2012

Story: A negotiator, (played by Elizabeth Banks) tries to talk a man, Nick Cassidy (played by Sam Worthington), down from a New York City hotel ledge. Unbeknownst to her and the onlookers in the street, the suicide attempt is merely a distraction for a robbery happening in the building across from the hotel. It’s a story of righting wrongs. Of bringing businessman David Englander (Ed Harris) to justice after Englander framed Nick for the robbery of a $40 million diamond. Having escaped a 25-year prison term, Nick is determined to prove his innocence. But will Nick’s plan succeed or will he be leaving the hotel in cuffs while Englander walks free?

Thoughts: Have you seen the trailer for this film? If you have, you’ve watched the entire movie. This is the best example I have ever seen of a picture giving away everything in its previews. Except for two plot points, one of which hardly effects the movie, there are no surprises in this film. None. I so bored watching this thing as I knew what was coming at every juncture. The acting, characters, and stunts might’ve saved it but the acting is nothing to write home about, being downright atrocious in the case of Génesis Rodríguez (who plays the girlfriend of Nick’s brother played by Jamie Bell). The actors aren’t really to blame since their characters are given nothing interesting to do, and their action sequences aren’t the least bit thrilling. I can only imagine how much better this movie would’ve been if the advertising hadn’t given away so much and we had discovered the heist during the course of the film. That approach would’ve added more mystery and suspense that the action thriller sorely needed. It would’ve been tougher to advertise, yes, but it would’ve been worth it. Man on a Ledge still wouldn’t be great. It would be better and at least more compelling.


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