Quickie Reviews: Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire

Released: November 24, 1993

Story: Actor Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) is recently divorced. In order to spend more time with his kids, who live with his ex-wife (Miranda played by Sally Field), he dresses up as the old English nanny Mrs. Doubtfire and gets hired by Miranda to look after the Children.

Thoughts: We arrive at the end of my tribute to Robin Williams with Mrs. Doubtfire. It was my favorite of his work when I was growing up. I remember watching it late at night, sprawled on my grandparents’ pull-out couch. It’s a small thing but it’s one of my favorite childhood memories.

I love it because it was my introduction to Robin Williams’s improv, which I don’t think is forced into scenes despite what others say. I love it for its warmth. I’m not a big fan of its dirtier humor but I don’t think it’s out of place or detracts much. Not every story thread ends perfectly. Some may have a problem with that. For me, the ending couldn’t be better and perfectly fits with the rest of the movie, despite Daniel’s plan not going exactly how he would want. This is a fantastic 90s comedy that fits Robin Williams like a glove and is a lot of fun to watch. Check it out. It’s a testament to his acting and comedic talents and deserves not to be missed.

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