The Theory of Everything

NOTE: To make up for their being no Mini-Review Mondays post this week or last week and to make up for not post Oscar reviews before the Oscars aired, I will be reviewing the Oscar nominees over the next week.

The Theory Of EverythingAstrophysicist student Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) attends a party at Cambridge University where he meets his future wife Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones), a Cambridge student of literature. Their interests and religious views couldn’t be more different. Their majors share nothing in common and Jane believes in God while Stephen is a steadfast atheist. The two somehow gain a connection and fall in love. Unfortunately while Stephen is working on his college thesis on time and black holes, his body begins showing signs of motor neuron disease. It’s an illness that won’t effect his brain but will eventually lead to total loss of body control. Stephen’s doctor gives him only two years to live. Jane doesn’t give up on Stephen and the two stay together, get married, and have children. But taking care of a husband with such a debilitating disease isn’t easy, as Jane finds out. Continue reading

Mini-Review Monday: The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After TomorrowRelease: May 26, 2004

Story: Radical weather changes cause monsoon like rains, horrible wind storms and tornadoes, and other extreme weather events all over the planet. A new ice age arrives, covering the northern half of the world. A cast of characters led by the Hall family – Professor Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid), his son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal), and his wife Dr. Lucy (Sela Ward) – must survive the horrible conditions. Things aren’t made easy for them with Sam stuck in flooded and then frozen over New York City with a friend and a love interest, Jack trekking through the cold to get his son, and Lucy evacuating a hospital.

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Looking Back: Cavalcade

I’ve finally done it. All my backlog reviews (the reviews I wrote before I started doing video reviews) for my And the Oscar Goes to series have been finished. I present to you my video review of Cavalcade. It’s a 1933 film directed by two time Academy Award winner Frank Lloyd, who also directed the 1935 Best Picture winner Mutiny on the Bounty. Cavalcade is based on the hit Noel Coward play of the same name. It stars Diana Wynyard and Clive Brook as a wife and husband who, along with their children (played by John Warburton and Frank Lawton) and their servants (played by Una O’Connor and Herbert Mundin), experience the tragedies and wars that occur between 1899 and 1933. Continue reading