Mini-Review Monday: Inside Out

Inside Out PosterRelease: June 19, 2015

Story: Riley (voiced by┬áKaitlyn Dias) is an 11-year-old girl with a joyful life in Minnesota with her two loving parents. She’s a silly but honest kid with great friends and a love for hockey, which she plays regularly. A move to San Francisco turns her world upside down as she is separated fro her friends, spends less time with her father (who’s busy with some sort of business deals), has a bad first day at her new San Francisco school, gets frustrated at local hockey tryouts, and slowly gets more introverted as she watches what she thinks to be the destruction of her life. This self-doubt is brought on by the emotions in her head that kind her feelings and decisions each day: Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Fear (Bill Hader). Joy is obsessed with making every day, every hour, every second of Riley’s life happy and great. These good memories can sometimes result in core memories, which help form the basis for who Riley is as a person (like he first successful goal as a kid hockey player). After the bad day at school causes the apparently first ever sad core memory to form, Joy attempts to remove it at the behest of Sandness. This results in an accident that sucks Joy, Sadness, and the core memories out of the HQ and into different corners of Riley’s mind. With the different aspects of Riley’s personality slowly shutting down one by one (like her love for hockey, her friendships with friends back in Minnesota, and her relationship with her parents) Joy and Sadness must get back to HQ as soon as possible if they hope to reinstall Riley’s core memories before she loses herself in the identity and emotional crisis she has found herself in. But while Joy is convinced she is the only one who can fix the problem and get Riley back to her old-self, maybe making Riley happy isn’t the solution this time. Continue reading

Mini-Review Monday: The Legend of Korra – Season Two

My reviews of seasons one, three, and four.

WARNING: The Legend of Korra season one spoilers ahead.

The Legend Of KorraRelease: September 13, 2013 – November 22, 2013

Story: Korra has learned airbending, thus ending her bending lessons. But she still has much to learn about herself, her duty, and the long history of the Avatar. She’ll need these lessons if she hopes to conquer the difficulties that lie ahead. She’s tricked into opening a dangerous portal to the spirit dimension by her power hungry but spiritually connected uncle. The leader of the Nothern Water Tribe, her uncle proceeds to move his troops into the Southern territory, practically declaring martial law on his Southern counterparts. Korra’s dad, a Southern who hasn’t been home to the North for some time, joins in a civil war between the two tribes. Korra must decide how to end this conflict while also stopping her uncle from enacting his terrible plan that might just spell doom for everyone. Korra looks back to the very beginnings, to the first Avatar for answers on what is happening and how to stop it.

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Queued in Fridays: Inescapable

InescapableI’ve been a fan of Alexander Siddig since my high school days of seeing him in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reruns. Finding out a few years back that he was starring in his own action thriller couldn’t have made me happier. I finally caught the 2012 film the other day and maybe my expectations were too high.
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