And the Oscar Goes to…: The Lost Weekend

It’s March 7, 1946 and the Second World War is over. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is celebrating the movies of 1945 at its yearly awards ceremony, and to commemorate the end of the war, the event is more lavish than the wartime ceremonies – the plaster statuets of the war years, for example, reverted back to the bronze statues with gold plating. So what movie received the top prize at the happy, post-war awards bash? Why a really dark movie about alcoholism starring Ray Milland as a struggling, alcoholic New York writer, of course. But is this bleak character piece directed by Billy Wilder (who won an Oscar for Best Direction and shared an award for Best Screenplay with Charles Bracket) and also starring Jane Wyman, Phillip Terry, and Howard Da Silva any good? Watch my video review below to find out.

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