Mini-Review Monday: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Here are my reviews for films one, two, three, and four in this series.

Mission Impossible - Rogue NationRelease: July 31, 2015

Story: Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is obsessed with bringing down the dastardly criminal organization the Syndicate, a secret organization utilizing assumed dead operatives from around the world to commit crimes that effect the world. With the IMF shutdown, Ethan is joined by the remaining members of the IMF willing to help: field agent and computer expert Benji Dunne (Simon Pegg), Field Operations Director of IMF and skilled field agent William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), and Ethan’s best friend and teammate Luther Stickell (Vhing Rhames). A mysterious woman (played by Rebbecca Ferguson), who claims to be working British mole getting information about the Syndicate, is also aiding Hunt, though the other members of the team are dubious of her true purposes. Meanwhile, the chief director of the CIA (played by Alec Baldwin), who pushed for the dissolution of IMF, is attempting to flush out Hunt. Will our heroes stop the all encompassing Syndicate and its sociopathic leader Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) before his evil plan grants him and the organization near limitless money and power?

Thoughts: The worst thing I could say about Rogue Nation is that it doesn’t have as much fun action as some of the previous installments. But where Ghost Protocol excelled in action, Rogue Nation excels in paranoia and political thrills. MI:5 is like the Captain America: Winter Soldier to MI:4‘s Avengers. Captain America was more intense than today’s film. In the former movie, you really couldn’t trust anybody and the experience was truly nail biting. Mission: Impossible allows you to sit back in your seat and relax a little more. There are good action sequences, by the way. One of the best set pieces takes place when Ethan and Benji are trying to catch an assassin at Vienna State Opera house. The opera music, sets, and theater atmosphere mixed with the necessity for our heroes to make little noise makes for an intense and different bit of action. I was a tad disappointed with the use of our team. It’s made up of probably my favorites from the last few films, but I don’t think the film utilizes all four members as well as the fourth film. Renner and Rhames are particularly under utilized, with Cruise and Pegg probably getting too much of the action.

This has its faults, but it turned into another good addition to the series. Like the other four films, it has its own unique tone, feel, and sense of action while also not being out of place. This is partially due to the ever changing roster of directors. All I can say to whoever directs the next one is I hope you keep up with the fun of this series while continuing the tradition of making it your own.


3 thoughts on “Mini-Review Monday: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

  1. This is interesting to read – I’ve been trying to catch up with this series but lost interest after number 3 (I mean, we get it, Tom Cruise is MUCH prettier than any of his leading ladies, you don’t have to show SO many closeups Haha). Now that I read this, I think I’ll continue on, it’s a fun set of stories.

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