Mini-Review Monday: The Legend of Korra – Season Three

My review of seasons one, two, and four.

WARNING: Legend of Korra season two and possible season one spoilers ahead.

The Legend Of KorraRelease: June 27 – August 22, 2014

Story: Korra and the new team avatar must stop a group of highly dangerous criminals from fulfilling a terrible plan that could bring about chaos, destruction, and death across the entire world. With the portal to the spirit world left open after the events of the last season, the world is coming to terms with the new spirits co-existing with them, which is producing much hostility. The still opened portal has also had unexpected results. Certain people around the world have suddenly being inundated with air-bending powers. Our heroes, Tenzin in particular, are intent on finding, educating, and training the first new air-benders (who are not descendants of Ang) in more than a century. Unfortunately, the leader of our villains is one of those who has been given air-bending abilities. The three other antagonists are all experts in their bending (earth, fire, and water), and with a quickly learning air-bender who’s proficient in the history and ancient ways of air-benders, they are a force to be reckoned with. They might also be too much for Korra and her friends.

Thoughts: When lasts season’s big bad was literally evil and you still have two seasons left to go, it makes you wonder how the writers will top themselves for the 26 episodes or so that they have left. This time out we have a quartet of baddies whose motivations and goals are greyer than last season, which is certainly a nice change. An odd thing about this season, though, is that, while the first two seasons had a focused and constant story arc weaved throughout every episode, season three doesn’t seem as concerned with its over arching tale. It is, but the story doesn’t get as much time as it did previously. At least, that’s how it comes off. That coupled with this season’s villains not being as black and white makes for a run of episode with less tension than the others. I enjoyed not biting my nails as much as prior seasons, but I would’ve liked for the stakes to feel higher. In short, the villains are a bit of a let down. Thankfully, they still pose a threat and they remain effective, if not quite as much as evil did last time out.

Our characters are, as ever, a joy to watch and their personal journeys are always entertaining and enlightening. The action and music continue to be totally kick-ass (seriously, I need the darn soundtrack to this show), and the writers and crew behind this fantastic piece of television aren’t lowing the quality of their work one iota. The ramifications of opening the spirit world and keeping it open at the end of season two are addressed. The true beauty, however, is how that is dealt with this season will lead into our fourth and final run of episodes perfectly. A sign of great writers who know how to plan ahead. I don’t know what the fourth and last season will hold, but I’m looking forward to it.

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