Mini-Review Monday: Warcraft


Release: June 10, 2016

Story: Based on the hit Warcraft video game franchise (and novels) from Blizzard Entertainment, Warcraft takes place in a fantasy world full of dwarves, night-elves, mages and humans. The world of our heroes is turned upside down as invading orcs travel  from their homeworld to that of the humans through a magical portal. Led by a sinister orc warlock (played by Daniel Wu) who cares more about power than his own people, and a noble orc chieften (Toby Kebbell), the orcs are determined to take over the humans. Standing between the orcs and domination are the commander of the human military force (played by Travis Fimmel); a half-orc, half-human (Paula Patton), who few amongst the humans trust; a gifted young mage (Ben Schnetzer); and the most powerful magic user (played by Ben Foster) in the human world. But there are those who should not be trusted on both sides and warriors from both races may have to work together to stop the ultimate threat.

Thoughts: Plagued with undeveloped characters and a poorly introduced fantasy world, Warcraft is hardly a standout of the fantasy genre. It confuses the uninitiated as it barrels through the story, expecting you to already know most of the background information regarding the world, the races, the magic, and the individual characters. The movie might have been salvageable if it weren’t for the woefully one-dimensional and sometimes wooded characters that are give such little screen time to establish any sort of…well…character that it’s difficult to understand why you should care about any of the deaths or battles sequences.

Warcraft may be a good fit for those hardcore fans who know the lore and characters like the back of their musket wielding dwarf hand, but even longtime players seem to be criticizing this movie for changing certain aspects of the established lore in the story’s transition to the screen. So maybe the film is actually better suited for the discount bin at your local video store for one of those nights where you’re desperate to watch anything, no matter how bland and forgettable it is.

P.S. The dwarves look awesome, though.

P.P.S. Dwarf fan for life.

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