Will the New Alpha 5 Please Stand Up?

I’ve never talked about this on the blog, but I was a massive Power Rangers fan as a kid. Being a child of the early 90s, I was the perfect age for the shows, movies, and merchandise. I loved it. While 26 year-old me can see more of the franchises flaws than 3 to 12 year-old me, Power Rangers still hold a fascination for me, though I haven’t regularly watched the show in over ten years.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the production of the upcoming reboot film, and since it’s currently 4:00 a.m. as I write this, I might as well say something about the newest development: the recent release of the redesigned Alpha 5.

The new film, which will be released in March 2017, has come under a ton of criticism for its serious tone, designs, and overall approach. I understand that while simultaneously finding myself not as bothered as everybody else.

I’ll admit the new designs for the Ranger suits, Rita, and the Zords were not what I was expecting…at all. But I find myself liking the suits and the Zords look downright badass. Rita isn’t great, but she could grow on me.


The Red Ranger’s T-Rex Zord. Come on that’s awesome!

But the big news yesterday was a closer look at Zordon’s right hand man, Alpha 5 (who will be voiced by Bill Hader). He’s…different.

Alpha 5.jpg

Sticking to what has come before design-wise, Alpha is really out there. The major hallmarks are present in this new look: the saucer head, the short body, and a lightly reddish purple color scheme in places that are reminiscent of the bright red in the show.

Alpha is far more alien like this time out, which is an interesting way to go. I’m falling in the love with the globe head in the middle of the saucer as it looks like the galaxy or a solar system. It’s an awesome idea that subtle makes Alpha more alien and fantastical. I can’t say I like what I’m assuming are unneeded glowing yellow eyes, but I’m really down with this. It’s reinventing the character without making him totally unrecognizable. Only time will tell whether Alpha is true to past iterations or if this movie is any good, but for now, I’m not too worried.


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