Trailer Tuesdays: Stan & Ollie

NOTE FOR NEW READERS: Trailer Tuesdays is posted on Tuesdays when I have something to say about one or more new movie trailers that came out that day. I’ll briefly discuss the quality of the trailers and how they did at getting me hyped for the movie. This inaugural edition of Trailer Tuesdays in happening on a Thursday because it is. Sorry.

Stan & Ollie

Release date: Soon (It’s premiering at the BFI London Film Festival on Oct. 21, but God knows when it’ll even be getting a limited release).

As seen in the trailer (which I, admittedly, stopped before the end because it was showing way more of the movie’s plot than I needed or wanted to see), Stan & Ollie follows the famed silent and early talkie comedy duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in their later years as they tour a comedy show around Britain and Ireland. While on the tour, their partnership and friendship are tested.

I heard about this movie a while ago — I want to say sometime last year. I thought the choices of Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly weren’t obvious but were definitely inspired. Both are immensely talented in both drama and comedy even though most probably only know them for their work in the latter. The trailer certainly gives the impression that this will primarily be a drama, but when depicting two of the greatest film comedians of all time, I’m sure their comedy chops will come into play at some point, if only for the parts of the movie where they, as Stan and Ollie, are doing their stage show.

I’ll admit I was a little disappointed when I initially learned that the film wouldn’t be covering more of Laurel and Hardy’s time together, instead focuses solely on a period near the end of their careers. Watching the trailer changed that. The story Academy Award nominated writer Jeff Pope wants to tell looks like a great yarn that will not only stand on its own but also encapsulate Laurel and Hardy’s professional and personal relationship on the whole without needing to show the decades of collaboration and friendship preceding the events of the film.

What really got me, though, and what made this film my most anticipated movie of the year so far (beyond my love of Hollywood bio-pics of older subjects) is that the film looks so gosh darn heartwarming and uplifting. Sure, there will undoubtedly be rough, maybe even uncomfortable dramatic, moments (that, if Pope’s writing for 2013’s Philomena is any indication, should be superbly written). But, ultimately, I predict a touching tale about friendship that will fill your heart with happiness and love while you simultaneously blubber like an idiot. In times like these, how can you not look forward to that?


4 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesdays: Stan & Ollie

      • I’d love to see a movie like this on the big screen (my town has a 1925 movie house called The Palace Theater), but I’d settle for seeing it pop up on Netflix or Amazon.

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