And the Oscars Goes to…Marty

I take a look back at the delightful romantic drama Marty, which was the Best Picture of 1955 and won its lead Ernest Borgnine Best Actor. Co-star Betsy Blair was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Borgnine and Blair tell the story of two people’s search for love and a future. But let’s see how Marty pulls off this small-scale idea.

And the Oscar Goes to…From Here to Eternity

Apparently, I forgot to most this back in mid-May when it was published on YouTube. Sorry.

This 1953 Best Picture winner makes some daring post-war comments about the military while also telling the dramatic stories of four, lost somewhat broken people who effect each other’s lives in 1941 Hawaii. Let’s take a look at how this, at the time, record tying Oscar winner (eight wins and 13 nominations) pulls all that off.

And the Oscar Goes to…The Greatest Show on Earth

There’s romance, crime, thrills, laughs, and fun under the big top in this drama by director Cecil B. DeMille and starring Betty Hutton, Cornel Wilde, Charleston Heston, and Jimmy Stewart. In a controversial upset, “The Greatest Show on Earth” won the 25th Academy Award for Best Picture over “High Noon” with Gary Cooper. Does it meet expectations? Watch my review to find out.