Talking Pictures: Episode 10 – Solo and the Future of Star Wars Spin-Offs

With the DVD and Blu-Ray released not too long ago, friend and massive Star Wars nut Andrew and I look back on Solo: A Star Wars Story and look ahead at the future of the Star Wars spin-offs. We also have a short discussion of a silly 80s Star Wars cartoon.


Trailer Tuesdays: Stan & Ollie

NOTE FOR NEW READERS: Trailer Tuesdays is posted on Tuesdays when I have something to say about one or more new movie trailers that came out that day. I’ll briefly discuss the quality of the trailers and how they did at getting me hyped for the movie. This inaugural edition of Trailer Tuesdays in happening on a Thursday because it is. Sorry.

Stan & Ollie

Release date: Soon (It’s premiering at the BFI London Film Festival on Oct. 21, but God knows when it’ll even be getting a limited release).

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Talking Pictures: Episode 9 – The 2018 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Friend and fellow film lover Blake discusses with me each of this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees, and we predict which might win come Sunday.