Talking Pictures: Episode 14 – The 2019 Best Picture Nominees

My friend and fellow film fanatic, Blake, joins me again to discuss the 2019 Oscar nominations for Best Picture.

Ray Bolger: A Dancing Master

For Ray Bolger’s birthday, I present to you the only great scene in the 1938 Best Picture winner The Great Ziegfeld. The brilliance of his absolute control over his body is on full display in this comedic and fun musical number.

The Lighthouse better win Best Cinematography at the 2020 Oscars

The Lighthouse Cinematography

And I mean it better. You hear that, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?

If you haven’t seen director Robert Eggers’ newest film The Lighthouse, which he co-wrote with his brother Max Eggers, you need to. A24 released the period fantasy horror movie in October, and its Blu-Ray and DVD will be available on Jan. 7.

In 1890s New England, a young man played by Robert Pattinson is sent to a secluded island to assist a veteran lighthouse keeper played by Willem Dafoe. It’s only a four-week contract job but the young man is put under mentally breaking stress when a storm traps the two on the island. The young man continues attending his duties while his boss remains secretive and overly protective of his duties at the topmost part of the lighthouse. What follows is a strange maritime nightmare of growing insanity featuring a haunting past; ancient, incomprehensible fantasy horrors; a seductive, siren singing mermaid; masturbating; and an evil seagull. Continue reading