Talking Pictures: Episode 6 – Pre-Code Films

I sit down with the wonderful Danny Reid, founder and runner of Naturally enough, we discuss the good and the bad of Pre-Code films.


Talking Pictures: Episode 5 – The Marx Brothers

Forgot to post this at the end of last month, but a friend and I discuss the good and the bad of the Marx Brothers’s first seven films, often considered their best work.

P.S. New podcast episode will be on the next few days.

Talking Pictures: Episode 2 – Silent Films

I talk to blogger and silent movie expert Fritzi Kramer about the filmmaking style, the variety of topics it covered, its immersive quality, pre-feature cinema, mainstream Hollywood dramas, the best way for people to get into silent movies, silent actress Pola Negri, and much, much more. You can find Fritzi Kramer at and on Twitter @MoviesSilently.