Mini-Review Mondays: The Last Starfighter

The Last StarfighterRelease: July 13, 1984

Story: Alex (played by Lance Guest) is a normal 20-something guy living a mundane life in a small town trailer park. When he’s not working as a repair man, he’s hanging out with his girlfriend (played by Catherine Mary Stewart), telling some a-holey guys his age that he won’t be stuck in the trailer park his whole life, and playing the towns only video game, an arcade game called The Frontier. After Alex gets the new high score, he’s visited by a mysterious alien (played by Robert Preston), who says he invented the game in order to find a person suitable for the prestigious, galactic, starfighter program (basically a team of crack space fighter pilots). Alex is reluctant to join when he learns of the life threatening odds, but is forced to confront his fears when an evildoer named Xur (played by Norman Snow) destroys all the other starfighters and has his eyes set on conquering the whole universe. Aiding Alex is an alien named Grig (played by Dan O’Herlihy), who functions as his navigator, and an android called Beta, which has assumed Alex’s appearance and identity back home to distract enemy assassins while it also throws a wrench into Alex’s relationship with his girlfriend with its lack of understanding of certain human customs.

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Mini-Review Mondays: National Treasure

National TreasureRelease: November, 19 2004

Story: Benjamin Gates (Nicolas Cage) has been searching for a treasure beyond imagining. It’s an ancient trove protected by the Knights Templar and later hidden by American Freemasons, which included some of the United States’s founding fathers, like George Washington and Paul Revere. In 1832, Ben’s family was given a clue to the treasure’s whereabouts. Having looked for it ever since, his family has become a laughing stock in the historical community, which considers the treasure to be nothing but a ludicrous myth. Ben is on to something however and is convinced a map leading to the treasure can be found on the back of the Declaration of Independence. It is up to him and a computer expert (played by Justin Bartha) to steal the declaration and, with the help of a historian at the National Archives (played by Diane Kruger), to read the map, solve various clues and riddles, and discover the treasure before a treacherous former friend of Ben, Ian (played by Sean Bean), uses his trigger happy henchman and limitless resources to find it first. Also along for the ride is Ben’s disappointed father (played by Jon Voight), who gave up on the treasure a long time ago, and a team of FBI agents (led by Harvey Keitel), who are determined to find man responsible for stealing one of the most important documents in history. Continue reading

Mini-Review Monday: Tomorrowland

Note: Sorry for this post being 12 hours later than usual. Like I’ve said many times before, I’m a poor planner.

TomorrowlandRelease: May 22, 2015

Story: An optimistic and brilliant 20-something science lover, Cassie Newton (Britt Robinson), needs the help of a former boy genius and now 50 year-old man, Frank Walker (George Clooney). As a lighthearted and hopeful boy who visits Disneyland to show a grumpy man, David Nixon (played by Hugh Laurie), his jetpack, Frank has a run-in with a mysterious young girl, Athena (played by Raffey Cassidy), that leads him to a fantastic world of tomorrow. Something goes terribly wrong, and when Cassie meets up with Frank, he’s disillusioned and has shut the rest of the world out. Cassie has to force him away from his TV monitors playing around the world news of how abysmal the world has become. With help from Frank and Athena (who hasn’t aged a day), Cassie must travel to Tomorrowland and find out what David Nixon, a resident and the man in charge, is up to. In their way are killer robots and the pessimism of a man who’s given up on the world. The consequences for the three’s failure will be dire. Continue reading