Justice League

Justice League Poster

Cyborg?! Really?! I still can’t get over this. You finally have a Justice League movie and all these heroes to choose from, and you pick Cyborg? Why? My vote would be for Green Lantern, but if one of the Corps wouldn’t work, then at least go for Martian Manhunter. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Continue reading


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman Vs. Superman

*Heavy sigh* Where…do I…begin? Well, I guess it’s good to start with the guy in charge, director Zack Snyder. He’s a guy with a mixed track record (what with films like 300 and Watchmen under his belt), and I didn’t think he was the right guy for this film. The same goes for co-writer David Goyer, who also helped write and/or conceive the stories for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Goyer hasn’t done too well when someone wasn’t there to hold him him back – Blade III, anyone? DC needed filmmakers with better track records creating the building blocks for its cinematic universe. While I was hesitant going in to Batman v Superman, I also was willing to give the director, the writer and the film the benefit of the doubt. I wanted the film to be good. *Heavier sigh* It wasn’t.

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