Mini-Review: The Lost World (1925)

Outside of the Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories, “The Lost World” (1914) is probably Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s best known work. I take a look at the first ever adaption of that novel. It’s a silent movie released in 1925, and it stars some well-known stars from that era. It even contains some of the stop-motion work of the great Willis O’Brien, who would later go on to do the special effects work for “King Kong” (1933). But does all this talent translate to a good movie? Let’s find out.


Looking Back: The Broadway Melody

I go back and do a video review for the second Best Picture winner, The Broadway Melody (1929). It was the first sound picture and the first musical to win Best Picture (not to mention the first all talkie musical and the first MGM musical).

The video review can be found here:

The original text review that I wrote in December 2012 can be found here: