Mini-Review: The Bourne Legacy

It was the first Bourne film without Matt Damon. Does it standup against those previous films? Check out my review for my quick thoughts on the matter.


Mini-Review Monday: The Italian Job (2003)


Release: May 30, 2003

Story: Six thieves pull off the greatest heist of their careers when they steal $35 million worth of gold bricks from Venice gangsters. “Handsome Rob” (the team’s wheelman played by Jason Statham), Lyle (a computer expert played by Seth Green), “Left Ear” (a master of demolition and explosives played by Mos Def), Charlie (the team leader and brains behind the operation played by Mark Wahlberg) and John Bridger (a safe cracker, played by Donald Sutherland, who is Charlie’s mentor and father figure) are betrayed by their fellow team member Steve (played by Edward Norton). Steve kills John and leaves the others for dead at the bottom of a frigid lake. The team survives, and with the help of John’s daughter (a civilian safe and vault technician for the authorities) they are out to get revenge on Steve and take back the gold.

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