Ant-Man and the Wasp

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*Dusts off blog* It’s been a while. Well, let’s dip right back into it, shall we?

Ant-Man is a movie superhero I desperately want to like. While it’s a bit silly for a superhero’a most prominent power to be shrinking (and sometimes growing), Ant-Man has so much action, science fiction, comedy, and dramatic potential. You can see this in the many comics he’s been in but also in his first big-screen film, Ant-Man (2015), and even his brief appearance in the multi-hero blockbuster Captain America: Civil War (2016). But he’s also struggled to achieve the heights he’s capable of. Ant-Man (you can find my short review by clicking here) could’ve been a hell of a lot funnier, imaginative, and fun with its premise and the main character’s ability to shrink to bug size. Civil War instilled some hope, with some spot on writing from Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, that showed just how damn hilarious the character can be and also how creative you can get with the shrinking and growing. A pity then that Ant-Man took such a large step back in his third and latest appearance. Continue reading


Mel Brooks: Make a Noise.

Mel Brooks: Make a Noise posterI love Mel Brooks. Who doesn’t? Recently I watched Mel Brooks: Make a Noise, a documentary about his life and career made by PBS’s American Masters. It covers his life from his birth to 2013 – touching on his personal life with his first wife (Florence Baum) and his second (actress Anne Bancroft), his early work on television as a writer for shows like Your Show of Shows (1950-1954) or Sid Caesar’s Caesar’s Hour (1954-1957), the creation of The Producers (1967) and his debut as a director, his subsequent films, his many successes and failures, his tendencies as a writer, and what makes him tick. Brooks is interviewed along with many of his collaborators, such as Carl Reiner, Joan Rivers, Cloris Leachman, Andrew Bergman, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Bill Pullman, Richard Lewis, David Steinberg, Tracey Ulman, Susan Stroman, and Neil Simon. Archive interviews are also used for people like Anne Bancroft, Madeline Kahn, Sid Caesar, Marty Feldman, and Gene Wilder (who is strangely missing from the contemporary interviews even though he’s still alive).
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Stags, Movies, and Marriage

*Wipes dust off DVDs and TV remote*

Sooo, yeah. Been absent for almost two months. For the most part, no great reason for that. Been busy but not so busy that I couldn’t have written up a thing or two here and there. I didn’t. One reason for that was because I got married 10 days ago. To get things rolling again, I want to start out with a crawl and discuss what I was treated to for my bachelor party and what I received after the big day.
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