Mini-Review Monday: Labyrinth


Release: June 27, 1986

Story: Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly) is a, let’s be honest, bratty 15 year-old who always has her face buried in novels, playbooks and her own imagination. After yet another night of her baby brother being forced upon her while her father and step-mother have a night out, Sarah wishes the Goblin King from the play she is reading would take her brother away. The king, also known as Jareth (played by David Bowie), turns out to be real, and he does as she wishes. Sarah, not having meant the wish, must travel to Jareth’s fantasy kingdom if she hopes to save her brother. In her way is Jareth’s massive labyrinth full of twists, turns and unforeseen paths. If Sarah wishes to find her way through the magical maze and survive the creatures and perils within and around, she must ally herself with the untrustworthy dwarf Hoggle (voiced and co-puppeteered by Jim Henson’s son Brian Henson), a kindhearted giant of a beast called Ludo, and Sir Didymus, a small but ever courageous fox aided by his not so brave English Sheepdog, Ambrosius. Sarah only has 13 hours to make it through the maze before the Goblin King keeps her brother forever, and Jareth certainly won’t be playing it fair.

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