Justice League

Justice League Poster

Cyborg?! Really?! I still can’t get over this. You finally have a Justice League movie and all these heroes to choose from, and you pick Cyborg? Why? My vote would be for Green Lantern, but if one of the Corps wouldn’t work, then at least go for Martian Manhunter. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Continue reading


Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About NothingI’m not much of a Shakespeare person. I don’t dislike his writings and have even enjoyed the few bits of his work I’ve read, but I wasn’t over the moon when it was announced Joss Whedon was making his own version of Much Ado About Nothing, even though I am a big fan of Whedon’s work. The main reason I was going to see it was because it was a Whedon production and because my girlfriend was excited about it. I cannot only conclude, however, that what I saw a couple days ago is, dare I say, funnier, sadder, better acted, and superiorly directed than Kenneth Branagh’s 1993 version but is also, without a doubt, the most fun I had watching a film in a long time. Continue reading