Mini-Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians 2

Release: May 5, 2017

Story: The Guardians of the Galaxy (played by Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Baustista, Vin Diesel, and Bradley Cooper) are on the run from a race of gold-skinned, uptight aliens; the Ravagers, led by the blue-skinned Yondu (Michael Rooker); and Gamora’s vengeful sister, Nebula (Karen Gillan). They bump into Peter’s long lost father, a powerful celestial being known as Ego (Kurt Russel). With Ego is his assistant Mantis, a childlike empath played by Pom Klementieff. Ego wants Peter (the leader of the Guardians, played by Pratt) to join him on the planet he created to help accomplish the immortal Ego’s life purpose, but Peter and Gamora (Saldana) are suspicious of Ego’s intentions.

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Mini-Review Monday: The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight

Released: December 25, 2015 (limited release, 70mm Roadshow version), December 30, 2015 (wide digital release version)

Story: It’s a short time after The American Civil War, and nine people are trapped in a small, stage coach stop as a horrible, Wyoming blizzard rages on outside. Our characters: Major Marquis Warren (played by Samuel L. Jackson), a former slave and union solider turned bounty hunter who wants to get some dead bounties to the nearby town of Red Rock; John “The Hangman” Ruth (Kurt Russell), a bounty hunter known for taking in bounties alive so they can be hung; Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a criminal and murderer who is Ruth’s current high paying bounty that he’s trying to get to Red Rock; Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins), a racist former Confederate who claims to be trying to get to Red Rock so he can be appointed the new sheriff; Oswaldo Mobray (Tim Roth), an English hangman who needs to get to Red Rock so he can hang Daisy when/if she is found guilty; Bob (Demián Bichir), a mysterious Mexican looking over the stagecoach stop while the owners are away; Joe Gage (Michael Madsen), a quiet cowboy trying to get to his mother’s place just outside of Red Rock for Christmas; and Sanford “Sandy” Smithers (Bruce Dern), a former Confederate general staying at the stagecoach stop. There’s also O.B. Jackson (James Parks), the coach driver trying to get Ruth and Daisy to Red Rock. Shortly after arriving, Warren suspects something isn’t right at the inn, which he has stayed at before. Suspicion grows between the group when Ruth suspects one or more of the other tenants is actually an ally of Daisy determined to free her. Warren, Ruth, and Jackson must keep their eyes open if they hope to survive the few days they are trapped at the inn and get their bounties to Red Rock.

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