Queued in Fridays: The Birth of a Nation

Note to the reader: Below you will see me get very irate. This is because I hate racism. If my comments seem unjustifiably angry, I apologize, but I needed to share my true feelings and be honest with you the reader.

The Birth Of A Nation PosterI probably don’t need to tell most of you that this is a controversial film. For those who know nothing about it, I’ll tell you why. In 1914, silent film director D.W. Griffith was looking to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War. Griffith, whose mother and father lived through the war (his father a former Confederate officer), showed a lot of sympathy toward the Old South that was lost in the war. He decided to make a movie, which would premiere in 1915, about the cause and effect of the war on the South. Continue reading