To Luise Rainer

wpid-Annex-Rainer-Luise-Great-Ziegfeld-The_01.jpegThe Great Ziegfeld (1936) has a few saving graces: the premise, the opulent musical numbers that look great even if they often go on too long, Ray Bolger’s song and dance scene, and the performance of Luise Rainer.

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And the Oscar Goes to…: The Great Ziegfeld

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The Great Ziegfeld PosterOne of the hard things about doing a long series about films that are hailed as some of the greatest of all time is, believe it or not, having so many good films. It can quickly get quite dull saying how good film after film is. For varieties sake, it can be nice just to criticize a bad movie from time to time. It being a few months since I reviewed Cavalcade (1933) (one of the two Best Picture winners I really disliked up to this point), part of me was actually hoping for an awful movie again to spice things up, and well, I did ask for it. Continue reading