Mini-Review Monday: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Robin HoodRelease: June, 14 1991

Story: Robin Hood (an Englishman nobleman played by Kevin Costner) returns to England following his imprisonment in Jerusalem. He fought with King Richard the Lion Heart in the Third Crusade. The king is still out of the country, leaving his brother (Prince John, who is not or mentioned seen in this movie) to rule in his stead. Unfortunately, the Sheriff of Nottingham (played by Alan Rickman) is crooked and despicable. He abuses the poor and downtrodden, is nasty with women, kills unjustly, and strives for even more power. Upon his arrival home, Robin Hood finds his father dead and his home destroyed. Along with a man a fellow Jerusalem prisoner, Azeem (a Moor man played by Morgan Freeman); a blind friend; a band of outlaws from Sherwood Forest (led by John Little played by Nick Brimble); a woman he’s falling in love with, Maid Marian (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio); and a drunken Friar (Mike McShane), Robin hopes to reinstill hope in the oppressed people by steeling from the rich and giving to the poor. With the people’s support, Robin and his friends will be able to take down the Sheriff, his future seeing witch (yeah, she’s a really ridiculous and stupid idea), and his right hand man, his cousin Sir Guy of Gisbourne (Michael Wincott).
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