The Half-Breed (1916)

The Half-Breed (1916) Poster 2

A few months back, I won a contest and was sent a Kino Lober Blu-ray containing¬†The Half-Breed (1916) and The Good Bad Man (1916). Both star Douglas Fairbanks Sr. That’s about all I knew. I wasn’t even aware they were both westerns until after I started Half-Breed. So my expectations were hopeful going into the movie but mostly they were non-existence. I received a notably pleasant surprise. Continue reading


Mini-Review: The Lost World (1925)

Outside of the Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories, “The Lost World” (1914) is probably Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s best known work. I take a look at the first ever adaption of that novel. It’s a silent movie released in 1925, and it stars some well-known stars from that era. It even contains some of the stop-motion work of the great Willis O’Brien, who would later go on to do the special effects work for “King Kong” (1933). But does all this talent translate to a good movie? Let’s find out.